Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oil and Natural Gas: A Hedge from the Doom and Gloom Prognosticators and Rose Colored Glasses

January 19, 2010

What would a market be without a combination of Doom and Gloom Prognosticators and Rose Colored Glasses.

Longs and Shorts battling it out in all sectors, each sitting on each other with the same trade and nowhere to go.

One thing is certain, for the quantitative analyst at the institutional investors, its called mean reversion. For the common layman investor, its called revert back to what you know is solid and a long term staple of society, energy assets and commodities.

So if you don't see the world through Rose Colored Glasses, and your looking in the mirror wondering what to do and how to protect your portfolio, hedge against a major correction, hedge against another major downturn in the dollar, consider Oil and Natural Gas.

The U.S. Department of Energy (EIA) published one useful piece of information recently which confirms that 78-80 percent of the U.S. energy will be generated by fossil fuels going out to the year 2035. Long enough to get comfortable that oil and natural gas companies are going to be around a very long time, and will be profitable by default demand of their products.

Go to below link to see Mr. Miller's full analysis:

Now is the Time to Own Natural Gas and Oil Companies If You Believe Market is going to Correct Greater than 10% and the U.S. Dollar will Fall

January 13, 2010 Edition


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