Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AccuWeather: Endless Shots of Extreme Cold for the Midwest

2/3/2010 11:12 AM

Snow is coming and the bitter cold will be back to the Midwest region by early next week.

A gradual and upcoming cold air mass arriving this weekend will rival, but not surpass the temperatures seen by the Midwest during the latter part of January.
The core of the bitter cold will begin early next week with temperatures 5-10 degrees below normal.

Chicago, normally in the mid 30s, will see temperatures in the mid 20s, and Minneapolis could find itself in the high teens during this cold burst.

Mild temperatures today and into Thursday will be the calm before a disruptive, but not paralyzing snow storm set to affect the I-70 corridor. Snow can be expected north of I-70, while south of I-70 could see a rain and snow mix on Friday.

Airport delays for Chicago, Indianapolis and Cleveland should be expected, as well as slick travel on area roadways.

The midwest suffered from temperatures 10-15 degrees below normal during the cold mass that wrapped the region during late January.

Story by's Carly Porter.

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