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Senior Energy Industry Executive and Institutional Investor Karl W. Miller Made the Call: Cap and Trade is Dead!

February 02, 2010

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For public interest, Mr. Miller made the official call on December 17, 2009 that Cap and Trade was Dead. Mr. Miller followed up his analysis on December 27th confirming this fact.

Natural Gas will benefit substantially, as there is no commercially feasible "Clean Coal" and new Nuclear plants will take ten (10) years to get through the environmental and construction process even with subsidies, at the soonest, and all that will only start replacing failing nuclear reacters, which need to be retired very soon across the U.S., and the traditional fleet of coal plants is also aging badly.

Mr. Miller has opined on numerous occasions that Natural Gas is off to the races, irrespective of any rhetoric from Obama or Washington. The train has already pulled out of the station!

Both pieces of Mr. Miller's prior analysis are attached below.

Excerpt from Wall Street Journal February 2, 2010: "President Barack Obama said for the first time Tuesday that legislation that would require industries to pay for emissions of greenhouse gases may need to be separated from a more popular "green jobs" bill in the Senate, a maneuver that could kill what once had been one of the administration's top policy priorities."

For further reference readers should see Mr. Miller's analyis titled "Wall Street Backs Industry Icon Karl W. Miller on Bi-Partisan U.S. Energy Policy Initiatives" at the following weblink: http://www.investorideas.com/news/121909.asp

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December 27, 2009 –As Senior Energy Executive Karl W. Miller has previously advised, Cap and Trade is dead. There is still much work to be done to put a legitimate Energy Policy and Plan in place for the U.S.

Mr. Miller and other senior energy executives prevailed behind the curtain in their efforts to effectively take leadership of U.S. Energy Policy, saved the U.S. Natural gas industry politically in the process, killed Cap and Trade, and will now turn to reworking the flawed renewable energy plan, which is headed for complete financial disaster and billions of dollars of taxpayer waste.

Cap and Trade is Dead: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1209/30984.html

Mr. Miller and other energy industry leaders delivered the correct message to Washington to protect U.S. Economy, however unpopular it might be with the far left parties, Cap and Trade had to go.

It is time to move on to more critical issues facing America.

December 17, 2009--Karl W. Miller, a senior energy executive and institutional investor, today issued the following statement through his advisors that Washington despite monumental efforts by Mr. Miller and industry executives to focus both the democratic and republican party leadership attention to put a credible energy plan in place and focus on investing in America, the current administration has made it clear that they are in essence "hell bent" on jamming a healthcare bill through the Senate at any cost, despite the fact that a majority of the elected officials have not even read the bill and its numerous amendments.

The net effect is that the currently flawed renewable energy proposals and flawed proposed cap and trade and other energy initiatives so desperately in need of overhaul for the U.S., a purported global super power have effectively been killed.

Thus the final evidence that the Copenhagen climate forum, Opec meetings, and any other global cartels and energy discussions will have absolutely no effect on the U.S. Energy market.

Finally, while the Democrats have a clear majority in Washington, the fact has become clear to both Democrats, Republicans, and Independents that the U.S. is without a true CEO / Leader.

All parties are openly admitting that Obama has no understanding of any of the key issues, has never had control of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, and simply ill equipped for the CEO job of running the United States.

The bi-partisan opinion has now been formed that the U.S.energy policy, financial reform, and global policy efforts are completely devoid of any rational, credible or sustainable executable action plans.

Rhetoric has been worn out and bi-partisan experts have now come to the conclusion that America is in deep trouble, well beyond the current unemployment rate and ludicrous healthcare debate raging in Washington.

What is most concerning to industry experts is that the U.S. is fast becoming a global embarrassment and being portrayed as weak, disorganized, and economically vulnerable. Thus it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the U.S. Dollar will again come under attack and quickly become a secondary currency to the Euro and Asian currency's.

Where does this leave the U.S. Energy market? Well simply put, to fend for itself, which is why Exxon quickly made the move to purchase XTO and why other major U.S. Integrated and large independents will come together either in merger or through unsolicited acquisitions. The simple driver will be to insure their survival amid a completely devoid leadership vacuum in Washington which will continue for several years.

It does not matter whether one is Democrat, Republican, Independent, or some other affiliation. It is about being an American and focusing on security of energy for America.

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