Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Senior Energy Industry Executive and Institutional Investor issues Buy Opinion on "U.S. Natural Gas Producers"

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For public interest, Mr. Miller has issued a "buy opinion" on the entire U.S. Natural Gas Production Sector.

Mr. Miller issues his buy opinion following formal signals from Washington, that the Obama administration has capitulated on the flawed "Cap and Trade" plan.

In simplistic terms, Natural Gas Producers win in all outcomes given the fundamental industry changing events, which will change the landscape of the U.S. Energy complex for many years to come.

Mr. Miller notes fundamental demand increase in the U.S. Industrial base, extreme weather condition expected to persist over the next six weeks, will also benefit the natrual gas producer sector, in addition to industry consolidation which will add premiums to the entire producer sector.

Mr. Miller will publish a more detailed investment note later this week.

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