Thursday, February 4, 2010

Senior Energy Industry Executive and Institutional Investor Sees No Fundamental Reason to Sell Stock

February 04, 2010

For Public interest, Mr. Miller recommends that Investors focus on core holdings, staples of commerce stocks. Use this market downturn to cherry pick solid companies and industry sectors.

Mr. Miller does not see a "run on the bank" in any way, shape or form. Mr. Miller views today's market dip as a tremendous opportunity for investors to purchase core holdings and long term staple stocks at significant discounts.

Finally, Mr. Miller sees no political risk that is not already known to the market. November elections will come soon enough and voters will make the call at that time on the direction of overall public policy. Any legislation that is enacted between now and November, can be overturned once a new group of elected officials take office in January 2011. So, any investor concerns on political grounds should not be a factor.

Disclosure: Mr. Miller is an independent and a capitalist, and is not affiliated with any political party.

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