Monday, September 27, 2010

Energy Executive Karl Miller Calls Attention to Housing and Energy Market Problems

Thursday, September 23, 2010

By Rowena F. Caronan

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A clear national energy plan is yet to materialize

An energy analyst said United States President Barack Obama must address housing market and energy concerns at the same time if the country is to attain stable economic growth.

“Without the three critical factors – stable housing market, affordable and dependable energy supply and stable employment environment – there will be no meaningful economic recovery in United States,” Karl Miller, an energy industry adviser focusing on trading, risk management, power plant development and overall management of energy companies in the oil, natural gas and renewable sectors.

Mr. Miller has been with public energy companies, including PG&E Corporation, Electricite de France, El Paso Energy, Enron Corporation and JPMorgan Chase.

Mr. Miller is urging Mr. Obama to establish a stable national energy plan while solving the United States’ problem in housing as well.

“We have serious and deep rooted problems with no credible national energy plan in place and must start addressing these problems immediately,” Mr. Miller said.

In his last State of the Union Address, Mr. Obama called on Congress to pass a program of incentives to encourage homeowners to use energy efficient home equipments. However, a clear national energy plan is yet to materialize.

The call follows similar demands from environmental advocates, business leaders and industry experts urging Congress and the White House to immediately act on both energy and climate issues – calls that are growing as the midterm elections draws nearer.

Mr. Miller said the United States has abundant natural gas and other energy resources to support its energy needs for many years into the future.

Regarding the housing market, Mr. Miller said both residential and commercial real estate loans should be examined and moved out from the banks, hedge funds and insurance companies to avoid bankruptcies and bank failures.

Mr. Miller believes these two are pressing issues plaguing the economy and failure to address them is a cause for termination in any business – and of Washington politicians in the upcoming elections.

Several countries have already set their 2020 targets on renewable energy but the United States is still battling over the costs, benefits and definitions of its own national renewable energy standard.

United States petroleum and coal consumption are respectively almost four times and three times larger than renewable energy.

Only 8 percent accounts for renewable energy consumption that already includes solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and wind energies.

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