Sunday, February 20, 2011

Proposed Senate Energy Bill is "Dead on Arrival"

Due to the substantial legal amendments to curtail and potentially kill "Gas and Oil Fracking" by forcing the disclosure of chemicals injected into the ground, Mr. Miller does not see any chance that a natural gas vehicle funding bill will be approved.

The effect of Fracking law will force Natural Gas producers to disclose all chemical injected into production wells, which will then lead to the banning of many of the chemicals used to make Fracking efficient. It is not the water and sand that make the natural gas wells flow, it is the cocktail of toxic chemicals that the industry has been using, which has now brought down the EPA, State Regulatory Authorities, private lawsuits and general public on the natural gas industry.

Natural Gas producers have failed to manage their environmental liabilities, and Mr. Miller sees the liabilities as "unlimited" given the magnitude.

Mr. Miller sees continued support for electric/plug in hybrid transportation, given the substantial capital expenditures that the automotive industry has already spent in developing production lines and preparing to mass produce such vehicles over the next 5-10 years.

It is truly unfortunate that the Natural Gas industry has put itself into this extremely difficult position with the EPA, Washington lawmakers (who must defend their constituents in drilling contaminated States) and the general public.

Senate Energy Bill Contains $3.8B for Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion and Purchasing, $400M for Plug-in Vehicle Deployment | Dlegs Hybrid Cars - News about green energy systems

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