Friday, February 11, 2011

Dynegy (NYSE: DYN): Shareholders Must Step Up to the Plate Immediately

Here it the bottom line on Dynegy (NYSE: DYN): There is a case to be made for shareholders removing the Board of Directors and Executive Management and installing a seasoned and execution oriented team to grow the Company to include expanding into the renewable energy sector, energy service sector, acquiring other distressed generation assets/companies all while attracting new capital and significantly restructuring DYN's current debt. Seneca is not the Holy Grail and their two (2) director nominees do not have the horsepower to get this done. Seneca has not put this on the table in the form of a business plan, announced an executive team and action items. If Dynegy is to survive and grow, shareholders need to "step up to the plate immediately" and get involved, otherwise sell to Icahn and be done with it. Sitting in a rudderless ship is not a strategy; hope is not a strategy either.The Special Committee of the Dynegy Board of Directors Issues Open Letter to Stockholders - Yahoo! Finance

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